Our Services 

We offer Consultancy and Advisory services focusing on: Trade Facilitation Solutions for governments, regional, continental and international organisations.We develop and support implementation trade facilitation solutions that are geared to simplify the cross-border movement of goods at national, regional, continental, and international levels.

Business Consulting

As AGCC, we offer tailored trade advisory service to businesses, governments, international organisations, private entities, and individuals seeking new market entry for their products and services, regulatory requirements in new markets, as well as tailored solutions to governments to improve the trading environment.Our focus is on TRADE FACILITATION, customs, border management, international trade regulatory compliance, trade policy, and regional integration.

Other complementary services include:

  • advisory services to governments and businesses on participation in trade fairs. We assist clients to navigate a wide range of complex import and export compliance requirements for trade fairs;
  • market research that is sector-specific and tailored to clients’ needs. We also develop export strategies and market leads to identify and “matchmake” potential buyers and sellers and potential partners;
  • publication of monthly news-letter on “Africa Trad Talks” to share insights with our clients on latest developments, trends, and opportunities for trade in Africa and the rest of the world
Market Research
Regional Cross-Border Trade Facilitation

The solutions we develop are tailored to the clients’ request. These may include but not limited to:

  • development and implementation of national and regional strategies and programmes to enhance efficiencies and improve trade facilitation and border management to reduce time and cost of cross border trade;
  • conducting needs analysis and gap analysis to identify gaps and provide solutions;
  • developing stakeholders’ engagement strategies and programmes for trade facilitation to strengthen partnerships between governments and businesses;
  • developing capacity building programmes on trade facilitation to upskill government officials and enable them to provide agile and professional services to the public and businesses;
  • developing training programmes for government officials and businesses that are conducting cross border trade;
  • developing tailored government programmes for coordinated border management;
  • providing technical assistance in trade facilitation, Customs and Border Management; and
  • providing technical support on the use of the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things for easing trade facilitation.

Trade Policy Solutions for governments

  • Tailored support on Regional and Global Value Chains Solutions
  • Tailored support on negotiations and implementation of Trade Agreements
  • Tailored support on development of strategies, policies, procedures for trade facilitation and other trade related solutions
  • Tailored support on trade fairs and exhibitions

Trade Facilitation Solutions for businesses

We provide cutting edge solutions to businesses on new market access focusing on:

  • Business Partnership: We research and match businesses in Africa and Globally according to tailored business requirements.
  • Investment Facilitation: We connect businesses with the relevant government authorities for investments such as relocation of business, building new plant, or manufacturing base.
  • Trade Compliance: We provide guidance to businesses on how to comply with government laws and regulations in the new markets including but not limited to import and export regulations.
  • Export Guide Program: We provide a tailor-made service to small and medium enterprises to prepare for export.Our intervention is mainly on:
  • developing export market entry plans and strategies;
  • technical support on regulatory requirements for entering new markets such as quality and standards requirements for products and services and other administrative requirements; and
  • creating a networking platform for businesses.
Trade Facilitation Solutions for businesses